ISYS/Odyssey Development Inc. Releases ISYS 6.02

Jul 08, 2003

ISYS/Odyssey Development Inc. has announced the release of ISYS 6.02, which supports full-text searches of Macromedia Flash files. Based on the .swf file format, the multimedia development software is frequently used to develop visually rich Web sites and presentations, often including animated components. Available for its core solutions--ISYS:desktop, ISYS:web and ISYS:spider--ISYS 6.02 indexes text held in Flash files and also navigates through the files to index HTML or other document formats to which Flash files point. Additionally, ISYS can index and retrieve Flash files held on local file servers, or via ISYS:spider, which can capture and index Flash files found on external Web sites. While Flash technology can be used to produce graphics and design elements for Web sites, usability is often a casualty as information is locked away in graphical components. Many of the Web site search engines currently available search only standard Web file formats such as HTML; any key information contained in a Flash file is thus unavailable to users via the Web site search function. With the new ISYS 6.02 release, designers using Flash can now create graphically enhanced Web sites that also offer search capabilities. ISYS supports 125 file formats and 30 languages, and offers natural-language search capabilities, as well as query searching for advanced searches. The technology provides searching of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured information in a single query, and provides polymorphic functionality across diverse formats, including XML, HTML, Word, Flash, PDF, email, and OEM-defined formats.