ISYS Announces Adapter for EMC Corporation's Documentum Services

Oct 26, 2007

ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, announced the availability of an ECI Adapter to enable customers of EMC Corporation's Documentum Enterprise Content Integration Services (ECI Services) to access data indexed by ISYS:web and to federate ISYS:web's search results. ECI Services is a federation engine that processes and distributes queries to corporate content already indexed by various third-party search tools; it then normalizes and displays the consolidated results. This level of functionality provides end-users with a comprehensive access point to search all of a corporation's content repositories from a single window. ISYS now provides ECI Services customers with a search engine, enabling customers to include ISYS:web indexes in their searches, as well as providing administrators with the ability to incorporate content not already indexed by other tools.