ISAS Developed for Consultants, Auditors, and Analysts

Jul 26, 2005

The Knowledge Company, Inc. (TKCI), a Jersey City consultant and solution company, has announced that it has developed a solution for assessing an organization's information security environment. The solution, Information Security Assessment Workbook (I-SAW), was jointly developed with Starsoft, an Indian software company, headquartered in Mysore, India. The solution is compliant with the information security practices prescribed by ISO 17799, NIST, HIPPA, and other recognized international standard boards and industry associations. I-SAW supports assessments in the commercial, public sectors, and multi-client and multi-project work environments.

TKCI's marketing objective is to collaborate with professional services and technology companies to sell and support I-SAW as a component of its services' portfolio. I-SAW's value proposition offer users the means to: provide a quick and cost effective way to improve the competitiveness and market image of organizations that lack sophisticated and automated information security assessment tools; set-up an information security consulting practice for consultants or auditors with I-SAW and the companion methodology--I-SAW-M Methodology as building blocks; employ I-SAW as a pre-sales tool for technology vendors to conduct information security assessments with the goal of 'pulling' sales of their security products and solutions; use I-SAW's Web Services version to create a new baseline assessment tool targeted to organizations with multiple locations and a recurring need to verify compliance with corporate and regulatory security policies, standards, and procedures requirements.