INTENT MediaWorks and Revver Announce Syndication Agreement

Apr 27, 2007

INTENT MediaWorks, a provider of technology for the distribution of licensed digital media content and advertising via the internet, and Revver, a marketplace for viral videos, have announced an agreement to exchange and distribute each other’s premium video content online. The agreement will enable both companies to expand the scope of their distribution and monetization efforts. Revver will distribute user-generated video content across INTENT’s digital platform, which includes peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Revver will distribute thousands of its premium user-generated videos across P2P, using its technology to serve ads, and will create another new revenue opportunity for its content creators. At the same time, INTENT will provide Revver with thousands of its videos, creating multiple new channels on for music videos and other entertainment content from artists represented by Violator Management, Nettwerk Music, and more. Revver will enable INTENT to monetize these videos as they are viewed on or shared virally across the web. The video “Funeral Music,” by 50 Cent, is currently featured on