INSCI Relaunches as ClearStory Systems

Nov 05, 2004

INSCI, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has unveiled its new corporate name, ClearStory Systems, and announced the Radiant Content Suite, a suite of enterprise solutions built on the company's content management technology. At the heart of the Radiant Content Suite is the company's media platform, which provides capabilities for developing targeted rich-media content management solutions.

ClearStory's Radiant Content Suite is deployed through a set of targeted solutions that support the use of enterprise content, including business documents, email, video, compound documents, and other rich media. Solutions within the Radiant Content Suite focus on functional areas such as video communications, marketing content management, customer service, enterprise media services, enterprise report management, and compliance content management.

The ClearStory portfolio includes INSCI's fixed-content management solutions along with the WebWare digital asset management solutions and hosted services. This transition began when INSCI acquired California-based WebWare in 2003 and moved to integrate that company's operations and products with INSCI's existing operations.

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