INSCI Debuts WebWare ActiveMedia 5.0 Software

Nov 18, 2003

INSCI Corp., a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced the release of WebWare ActiveMedia 5.0: the latest version of its Internet-based digital asset management (DAM) software. The newest version of WebWare ActiveMedia is designed to provide compound document support including management for QuarkXPress files with the ability to ingest, version, and maintain links between an Xpress document and all linked files. Identical handling is available for files created by Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop, and HTML files and their associated images and links.

With the new ActiveShare folder and file sharing features, ActiveMedia 5.0 users can collaborate with other registered users on a more personal, flexible, and creative basis and still maintain security. ActiveMedia 5.0 includes an email feature that enables users to email links of archived files to recipients inside or outside a firewall. It allows teams to collaborate more effectively, minimizes security risks and eliminates data-heavy files from unnecessarily clogging email servers.

Interoperability has been extended by the expansion of the ActiveMedia SOAP APIs, adding over 65 individual methods to support the development and extension of ActiveMedia's functionality and interoperability. Through SOAP, systems integrators can integrate ActiveMedia with existing document, file, and Web content management applications or enterprise transaction and scanning solutions. Features include: ActiveShare file sharing and folder (collection) management; email asset links; metadata management; compound file support for QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign files; file transformations via Adobe Graphics Server; full-text document search; a Web-based interface; and SOAP API-based SDK.

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