INSCI Announces WebWare ActiveMedia Desktop Client Connection

Apr 06, 2004

INSCI Corp., a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced its new WebWare ActiveMedia Desktop Client Connection for Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign files. The desktop utility, available for both Mac and PC workstations, is designed to enable designers to streamline their design and production workflows by giving them direct access to their company's ActiveMedia digital asset management (DAM) repository.

The ActiveMedia Plug-in allows users to both save their new designs into a central controlled repository, as well as place files from the repository directly into their layout. Direct connection to the ActiveMedia repository is made accessible through Xpress and InDesign file menus. ActiveMedia is designed to provide for long-term storage and preservation of brand content, ensure that content is versioned appropriately, prevent duplicate files from being uploaded, and provide permissions-based file security.

Other features include: The ability to place content from the repository directly into a layout application; Entire compound documents or single files can be uploaded to or downloaded from repository; Switch out old linked files for new ones, simultaneously update ActiveMedia database and repository; Search ActiveMedia repository from within Xpress and InDesign production environment; Check in/Check out privileges; and Desktop client software maintains repository security. The ActiveMedia Desktop Client Connection for QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign will ship in May.

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