ING DIRECT Chooses Percussion's Rhythmyx CMS

Aug 19, 2003

ING DIRECT Canada has implemented Percussion Software's Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ING DIRECT is the operating name of ING Bank of Canada, headquartered in Toronto. ING DIRECT offers a range of banking services via the Web, phone, or automated banking machine. Rhythmyx is designed to enable ING DIRECT Canada to eliminate manual processes, speed content delivery, and free up IT resources in its online environment.

ING DIRECT is replacing time-consuming manual processes with Rhythmyx, which takes developers out of the content production and approval loop, and enables line-of-business users to exercise control and ownership over content (within established corporate formats and guidelines), speeding content production and delivery. Rhythmyx also enables ING DIRECT to scale content delivery across multiple Web sites and multiple servers. Since Rhythmyx is also based on industry standards, it does not require ING DIRECT to change or give up any of its existing architecture. Rhythmyx also supports the skill set of in-house developers, who use Java, XML, XSL, and Web tools such as Dreamweaver. In addition to the above capabilities, ING DIRECT will implement the Rhythmyx Word Connector, providing a way for MS Word users to import content into the CMS.

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