IMR Introduces Products for Email and HIPAA Compliance

Apr 11, 2003


Information Management Research (IMR) Inc., a provider of document management solutions, has introduced two new products: MailStore version 3 and RecordCare. The first product, MailStore version 3, is designed to solve the email regulatory compliance and records retention issues that have been in the news recently. MailStore 3, which will be available in June, archives the enterprise email from Exchange or Outlook into a secure repository. In addition, it helps companies and government offices comply with email retention regulations, especially where an archive copy must be stored off-site. MailStore 3 also provides both instant access to records in case of litigation and the ability to serve as an email disaster recovery solution. The second product, RecordCare, is designed to help healthcare providers and payers achieve HIPAA compliance. RecordCare converts paper-based patient records into a secure digital repository. The new product, available in the third quarter, will include healthcare-specific features to simplify patient information requests. An additional benefit of RecordCare is the elimination of paper storage, which will reduce the need for storage space. MailStore 3 and RecordCare are both built on top of the Alchemy archive and retrieval solution. The products will be marketed through IMR's channel of value-added resellers and system integrators.