IMN Launches Total Channel Communications Service

Oct 18, 2005

iMakeNews, Inc. (IMN), an ecommunications service provider, has announced the launch of its Total Channel Communications service, designed to enable technology vendors to support their resellers with lead generation enewsletter campaigns.

Using the Internet-based service, vendors build professional enewsletters, populate them with articles and special offers, and then make them available to their reseller network. Resellers can add "localized" content, distribute the enewsletters under their own masthead to their secure customer lists, and then use IMN's analytics to track individual reader responses and uncover warm leads in real time. Vendors also gain aggregated data about the content and offers that are most popular with their end customers. Resellers can place the pre-written content of their choice within a specific template, add their own logo and articles as needed, and then "send." IMN's Web -based Total Channel Communications service manages all other functions for its resellers, including hosting, subscription list management and segmentation, tracking "bounce backs," managing opt-outs for anti-spam compliance, and more.