IMN, Inc. Releases Integrated RSS Service

Dec 02, 2003

Emarketing firm IMN, Inc. (formerly iMakeNews) has launched an RSS service that is integrated into its enewsletter and DirectBlog platforms. IMN customers can now publish their enewsletters or blogs so that they are automatically picked up through RSS content aggregators. The service is designed to offer marketers multiple ways to distribute their content, including email, the Web, or RSS feeds, increasing the number of alternatives for breaking through and engaging qualified recipients.

Through IMN's new service, marketers set their enewsletters or blogs to be published as RSS feeds at the same time that they post them to the Web. The process is designed to be transparent to IMN clients, who then use the same procedure to publish their content simultaneously as an email, Web site, and RSS feed. They use the same Web-based templates that they depend on to develop, publish, and distribute their content, and to measure customer behaviors in response. Phase two of IMN's RSS service will be available later in December and provide IMN's behavioral tracking capabilities, the same as those currently available through the company's newsletter and DirectBlog services.