ICA and Ulrich Medical Concepts Partner to Promote Data Sharing

Oct 14, 2010

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) and Ulrich Medical Concepts are rolling out a joint program to encourage the adoption of electronic health records and the exchange of health care data in Paducah, Kentucky. The collaboration will enable physicians within the Paducah area to actively participate in the creation and exchange of health care data through the implementation and adoption of a fully functional HER system, integrated into a clinical care solution.

UMC's ability to replace paper charts with an EHR system is designed to improve efficiency, workflow, and revenue in the health care delivery field. Integration with ICA's CareAlign engine is made possible through an integration layer that is able to receive standardized data in formats like HL7, CCD, CCR, and XML, as well as non-standard data. Discrete data is stored as individual data elements, while unstructured data is tagged with identifying indicators and stored for appropriate display, query, and reporting.

(www.icainformatics.com, www.ulrichmedicalconcepts.com)