IBM to Acquire Language Analysis Systems

Mar 21, 2006

IBM has announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Language Analysis Systems, Inc. (LAS), a privately held company based in Herndon, Virginia, that develops multicultural name recognition technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.

LAS technology is designed to allow organizations to increase business insight by enabling a precise, real-time view into the linguistic and cultural properties of names and facilitates a range of solutions, including: combating global money laundering and fraud by helping banks, financial institutions, and other organizations better identify and recognize criminals attempting to mask their identity using multiple variations of their name; compliance assurance for insurance providers; customer recognition for airlines that want to identify duplicate names across multiple reservations and overlapping flight itineraries.

LAS technology verifies the origin, cultural variations, and meaning of names by comparing and analyzing factors associated with nearly one billion names from around the world, including nicknames, titles, format changes and typographical errors.