IBM and Yahoo! Unveil Free Enterprise Search Software

Dec 15, 2006

IBM and Yahoo! Inc. have introduced new, free enterprise search software with web search services powered by Yahoo! designed to enable departments and businesses of all sizes to find, access, and capitalize on information stored within organizations and across the web.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is a no-cost, entry level enterprise search product developed to help eliminate financial and technology barriers to intranet and web search. The new offering from IBM with web search services powered by Yahoo! can be downloaded for free and can be used with existing hardware. With support for up to 500,000 documents per server, more than 200 file types and documents in more than 30 languages, IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition has advanced features such as automatic spell correction; support for synonyms and shortcuts; wildcard support to substitute for unknown characters; query reporting; and graphical user interface customization. In addition, it is fully integrated with Yahoo! Search, providing access to send queries to Yahoo! web, image, video, audio, directory, local, and news search services. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is available at no charge and can be downloaded at the Omnifind product website.