IBM and Factiva Join Forces

Sep 19, 2003


IBM and Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, have announced an agreement to co-develop text analytics solutions built on the IBM WebFountain platform. These new solutions are designed to allow executives tasked with increasing brand equity to gain insight, manage risk, and identify business opportunities more quickly and cost effectively. Factiva is the first company to license IBM's WebFountain ebusiness on demand service and its text analytics technology. For Factiva applications, WebFountain's data analysis will include Factiva's collection of sources.

IBM's WebFountain is a Web-scale mining and discovery platform that extracts trends, patterns, and relationships from unstructured and semi-structured text. Factiva's first application on the WebFountain platform will track corporate reputation, offering an external view of a company's reputation by analyzing information from a comprehensive collection of Factiva sources, Internet pages and newsgroups. The resulting analysis will be presented in a report that shows the information in context, providing a view on relevant business issues, showing new industry trends, and exposing relationships. As Factiva subscribers, they will also be able to read the underlying articles. The first WebFountain-based Factiva solution will be offered as an on-demand service by Factiva and IBM consultants. The companies plan additional Factiva applications along with support for third parties to develop offerings based on the WebFountain platform.

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