IBM Unveils Support Option for DB2 Express

May 08, 2007


IBM has introduced a new, yearly support option for users of the no-cost DB2 Express-C data server, featuring support for high-availability and disaster recovery clustering. DB2 Express-C is no-charge database management software, which offers these capabilities through a yearly support fee.

The new option includes: 24x7 worldwide technical support; regular maintenance and upgrade protection; no charge high availability clustering and offsite Disaster Recovery; and the ability to replicate data with remote data servers at no additional charge. The new DB2 Express support option is designed to enable clients to replicate data with other DB2 servers, allowing users who outgrow DB2 Express to transition to other DB2 editions. IBM business partners who enable their solutions to support DB2 Express-C already receive free technical, marketing, and sales support. DB2 Express–C will continue to be available at no-charge for those who do not require support.

The DB2 Express-C may be deployed on all systems up to 2 processor cores, and on AMD or Intel x86 with up to 2 dual core chips. There is also no limit to database size and DB2 Express-C supports up to 4GB of memory. DB2 Express-C currently supports both Windows and Linux on various 32-bit and 64-bit processor architectures. Many of these Linux distributors also include DB2 Express-C in their Linux distributions. For developers, DB2 Express-C offers environment flexibility for their applications. Additionally, clients can upgrade from DB2 Express-C to any of the DB2 editions which support larger servers or server clusters.