IBM Releases Viper

Jun 09, 2006


IBM has launched the DB2 9 data server--code named "Viper." DB2 9 was designed to enable clients to improve their ability to manage all types of information, such as documents, audio and video files, images, web pages, and digitally signed XML transactions. IBM's new data server provides simultaneous information flow of XML and relational data, regardless of format, platform, or location. DB2 9 includes a trio of advancements, including patented "pureXML" technology, "Venom" storage compression, and enhanced autonomic data management capabilities. The new version of DB2 also enables access to data stored on conventional Oracle and MySQL databases--a feature unavailable from those vendors.

DB2 9 features enhancements, including: pureXML technology, which allows clients to manage both conventional relational data and pure XML data without requiring the XML data to be reformatted or placed into a large object within the database; Venom storage compression, which allows database administrators (DBAs) to utilize row compression for compressing data objects; Autonomic storage management, designed to help clients by automating storage management tasks, which currently require manual and incremental changes by administrators; Security enhancements, where DB2 9 offers Label Based Access Control (LBAC), a data access capability that provides a flexible means of defining security hierarchies and classification levels; Disaster recovery improvements, with the ability to restart interrupted recovery operations; Advanced data partitioning, DB2 9 supports the three common methods of partitioning: range partitioning, multi-dimensional clustering, and hashing, This capability enables organizations to arrange and order their information in the way that suits their individual business requirements; and Automatic memory management, this memory management capability works for small workloads and adapts to complex multi-instance installations. DB2 9 will begin shipping worldwide on July 28, with pricing starting at $4,874 per processor or $165 per user (minimum of 5 users) for DB2 9 Express.