IBM Offers Specialized Software Solutions for Three Industries

Sep 05, 2003

IBM has announced three new software solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in the automotive, government, and life science sectors. The new industry-based solutions, which include IBM software and pre-tested applications, are intended to allow customers to create a Web-based environment that helps streamline business processes and improves integration. The solutions are based on IBM WebSphere and Lotus software, giving businesses an open, standards-based platform that can work with a variety of operating environments, including Linux and Microsoft Windows, for added flexibility.

The Automotive Dealer Collaboration offering is designed to help automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), enhance and expand the relationships they have with dealers, fleets, and independent repair shops. With this solution, dealers have access to applications that provide sales, service, and customer information and they can interact with sales, parts, warranty, and quality applications over the Web. The IBM Automotive Dealer Collaboration solution is designed to help consolidate information into a collaborative environment. The new system allows OEMs to select a solution from pre-tested IBM software and industry applications. The solution can be set up to allow dealers to see a two-dimensional diagram of a car and allows them to enlarge a segment of the car on screen. The image shows the various parts, with corresponding part numbers. After identifying the part, a dealer can click on the part to see all of the corresponding service updates and warranty information. The dealer can then check to see if the part is in stock and place the order online.

The WebSphere Portal for e-Government Access offering is designed to assist governments in integrating applications, processes, management, and delivery channels that link their internal agencies with outside stakeholders with Web-based technologies. The e-government portal is intended to better enable government agencies to respond quickly to challenges, such as answering a citizen's questions or providing more convenient services online. By providing government agencies with a solution that can serve as a single point of access to services and information, IBM plans to help governments streamline access to resources and information, integrate existing systems, reduce paperwork by providing online self-service, and increase efficiency while maintaining security and protecting citizen privacy.

The WebSphere Portal for Life Science Syndicated Content is designed to respond to the collaborative information access and personalization needs of pharmaceutical, life science research, and health care companies. Through the life sciences portal, IBM is offering a content delivery method in a portal environment to bring subscription-based external research, internal content, and collaborative applications together for users to access, share, discuss, and take necessary action. The IBM life sciences portal offering provides customers with a method of receiving content in a single Web-based portal environment. Using IBM WebSphere Portal with Lotus collaborative capabilities and syndicated content from other vendors, IBM intends to provide a team workspace where information can be located and shared. This solution is also designed to allow groups of users to react to information received in their portal applications and, through the use of Web conferencing, document sharing, instant messaging, and application sharing the information can be made actionable as soon as it is received. Additionally, the portal can be personalized through rules and preferences to provide users with the most relevant content.