IBM Offers New Data Management Product

Feb 04, 2003

IBM has announced new software designed to help customers access, integrate, and analyze all forms of information across and beyond the enterprise. The new software is in support of IBM's ebusiness On Demand initiatives, enabling organizations to build on their existing IT infrastructure and reduce the time and costs associated with integrating diverse data environments. The new software offerings, the DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content, are the first products available to customers based on IBM's Xperanto project--an IBM Research and Development effort that is focused on addressing evolving data management needs. The new open standards software helps businesses leverage their IT investments and access and integrate diverse and distributed data in all formats.

In an effort to support the broadest range of development requirements, DB2 Information Integrator software supports two different programming models. The DB2 Information Integrator is tailored to the SQL-based developer community and the DB2 Information Integrator for Content supports a content management programming model. While both offerings provide federated access across both structured and unstructured data, each has tailored features that support the programming model of the developer community they support. DB2 Information Integrator software incorporates IBM's federated data management capabilities that reduce the need for organizations to move their data or replace their current IT infrastructure. In support of open standards computing, customers can deploy the new DB2 Information Integrator software based on with their existing technology infrastructure including Oracle and Microsoft databases. IBM DB2 Information Integrator software also incorporates enhancements to the query optimizer technology, reducing the burden on IT staffs required for tuning distributed queries. Such enhancements  are also intended to  allow businesses to reduce unnecessary run time on searches and increase developer productivity with less hand-coding requirements.

DB2 Information Integrator software provides XML support both for accessing and integrating XML documents as data sources and generating XML documents as a query result. In addition, DB2 Information Integrator can be called as a Web Service or access other Web services to augment the data source access of built-in transformation capabilities. This fits well within emerging services oriented architectures and B2B strategies. The new software is also integrated with IBM's WebSphere Business Integration software, providing customers with business integration infrastructure including support for application connectivity, business process integration, and user interaction as well as the ability to build integration-ready applications on an open services infrastructure. These business integration approaches can be used together or separately to address business integration challenges. The DB2 Information Integrator and DB2 Information Integrator for Content are currently available in beta for customers and partners and can be accessed through their IBM sales associate.