IBM Lotus Sametime to work with Lotus Symphony

Oct 12, 2007


IBM announced it will offer integration between its unified communications and collaboration platform, Lotus Sametime, and its free office software suite, IBM Lotus Symphony. With the ability to add plugins and mashups and build open application programming interfaces (APIs), Lotus Sametime offers a variety of ways to integrate with business applications. For example, currently customers can send an instant message by clicking on a name within a Microsoft Word document or initiate a call from within their CRM application by right clicking on a contact's name. The integration between Lotus Sametime and the Lotus Symphony applications will build on these types of capabilities and deliver a new level of communication functionality to Symphony. For example, people using IBM's new Web conferencing service, Lotus Sametime Unyte or Lotus Sametime's on-premise Web conferencing will be able to upload presentations, word processing and spreadsheets documents created in Lotus Symphony to share and collaborate on during a Web conference.