IBM Launches Software, Services to Leverage Big Data

May 24, 2011

IBM unveiled new software and services to help clients more effectively gain competitive insight, optimize infrastructure and better manage resources to address internet-scale data. Using IBM's solutions, organizations will be able to integrate and analyze tens-of-petabytes of data in its native format and gain intelligence within sub-second response times. IBM is making available new patented software capabilities with InfoSphere BigInsights and Streams software. BigInsights software is powered by the open source technology, Apache Hadoop. Additionally, IBM will offer 20 new services offerings for business and IT professionals that feature patented analytical tools, including the Cloud Workload Analysis tool, server optimization and storage services, the Data Center Lifecycle Cost Analysis tool, and security analytics services.

Of the 3,000 CIOs surveyed in the 2011 IBM Global CIO Study, 83% responded that the most important element of their strategic growth plans was applying analytics and business intelligence. The new analytics capabilities pioneered by IBM Research will enable CIOs to construct specific, fact-based financial and business models for their IT operations, and to help interpret and model data. IBM will invest $100 million for continued research on technologies and services that will enable users to manage massive scale analytics, through advancing software, systems, and services capabilities.