IBM Launches Compliance Offerings

Oct 22, 2004

IBM has announced a series of new products aimed at making it easier for organizations to manage and comply with various international regulations and industry standards. The new offerings address a range of compliance needs such as information management, security, and industry specific solutions. The new offerings are part of IBM's Risk and Compliance Framework, which is designed to help organizations better determine their IT requirements based on the compliance mandates they are faced with in their particular industry. Using this framework, organizations are able to design and deploy an IT architecture that can help them deal more effectively with a range of compliance initiatives while increasing business efficiencies. Additionally, in support of IBM's open standards initiatives, the framework allows customers to build on their existing IT infrastructure, regardless of their existing vendor.

As part of this announcement, IBM is building on its IT offerings for Risk and Compliance with the delivery of new offerings. The new offerings are designed to help companies deal with the IT requirements they need to meet the ever-growing number of US and International regulations and industry standards including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, USA Patriot Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. IBM's six new offerings include:

IBM Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment (SCORE)--designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to address requirements associated with regulatory mandates for R&D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing processes. IBM SCORE will help give companies the ability to assemble submissions faster and reduce cycle-time for trials, to analyze and correct manufacturing batch data faster, and to distribute regulated marketing literature to field sales teams faster, while addressing IT requirements associated with 21 CFR part 11 and the new cGMP's.

IBM Bank Data Warehousing Software (BDW)--provides a single, consolidated data repository for companies faced with the requirements of a range of standards, regulations, and reporting procedures. BDW provides support for the latest regulations including the International Accounting Standards, BASEL II, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

IBM's eForms & Records Management Solution for Government --delivers new security features using IBM Tivoli identity management software and VeriSign authentication technology. The offering is intended to help government agencies more securely create, digitally sign, route, process, archive, and retrieve electronic forms. As a result, governments can better establish the authenticity and security of vital records; mitigate the risk of litigation; and increase efficiency with a paperless environment.

IBM ThinkVantage Technologies--new tools that help customers manage the cost of deploying end-user systems, implement new technologies such as wireless computing, and help provide a more secure environment for these technologies. Antidote, IBM's newest ThinkVantage Technology, is designed to address IT security issues and standards compliance by helping users manage and automate the delivery and installation of security fixes and patches. Companies also have the option to send instructions to their PCs so that if users do not conduct the required activities, they are removed from their IT network until they comply, helping management carry out required and timely maintenance to help reduce IT costs.

IBM TotalStorage DR550--IBM's Data Retention system, based on write once read many (WORM) disk technology, incorporates POWER5 microprocessors for increased performance and speed of data storage to deliver a central point of control for both regulated data and non-regulated retention managed data.

IBM TotalStorage Tape Enhancements--the IBM 3494 B10 and B20 Virtual Tape Server (VTS) models now support attachment to the IBM TotalStorage 3592 Tape Drive to offer customers the ability to support long term data archival, and facilitate Information Life Cycle management. Further additions to the IBM enterprise tape portfolio include support for a new, lower cost P2P VTS configuration, and attachment capabilities of up to 128 open system tape drives and 64 open system servers to an IBM TotalStorage 3494 Tape Library, enhancing compliance support.