IBM Introduces Portal Software

Jul 29, 2003

IBM has announced updated software for accessing and integrating disparate applications, business processes, and data while collaborating with colleagues. IBM's new portal software is designed to enable business to centrally manage and automate much of the process. The new WebSphere Portal software will also include out-of the-box portal document management functions in an effort to enable businesses to centrally share, organize, integrate, manage, and edit business information within a portal.

Customers will now be able to view, create, convert and edit these files with a new set of productivity tools included within WebSphere Portal. The new set of productivity components are designed to enable end users to interact with information, applications, and people across their business from the same place the content resides.

WebSphere Portal is intended to provide better ease-of-use capabilities and a simpler installation process. The new version of WebSphere Portal will also incorporate extended search capabilities including more advanced document filters, summaries of content within the documents, and results categories based on search parameters. WebSphere Portal will also include the Collaboration Center that takes advantage of Lotus software to extend the portal's existing functions. The Collaboration Center allows users to interact with multiple collaboration applications including corporate white pages, organizational charts, instant messaging, team workplaces, and virtual meetings.