IBM Introduces Messaging Technology for iSeries Customers and Business Partners

Feb 18, 2003

IBM has introduced IBM Community Tools, a new suite of applications for community-based problem solving for IBM eServer iSeries customers and business partners. The applications allow iSeries customers and business partners to draw upon the combined knowledge and technical skills of the already active "iSeries Nation" user group. IBM Community Tools is a dynamic messaging client that combines the broadcast messaging technology in IBM MQ Event Broker with the enterprise instant messaging capabilities of IBM Lotus Sametime, with Web services running on WebSphere Application Server and DB2. Among the features of IBM Community Tools: SkillTap: instantly broadcast questions to the community's online subscribers; FreeJam: hold just-in-time discussions with community members; PollCast: instantly poll the community on hot topics and receive anonymous real-time survey results; TeamRing: create instant Web presentations; w3alert: send instant alerts to community members, with optional hot links to Internet pages; and Question Search: search multiple knowledge bases in parallel for answers to questions before asking the community for help. IBM Community Tools were developed by IBM's WebAhead team. The applications are hosted on an IBM eServer iSeries 820. IBM has plans to bring IBM Community Tools to the rest of its eServer family.