IBM Integrates Verity K2 Developer in DAM Solution

Mar 22, 2005


Verity Inc. has announced that IBM has upgraded the search and content organization capabilities of its digital asset management solution for publishing with the integration of Verity K2 Developer (K2D). IBM's NICA (Networked Interactive Content Access) is a solution that is designed to provide the ability to manage, archive, retrieve, and reuse content such as text, images, graphics, PDFs, QuarkXpress, or InDesign pages as well as audio and video clips. NICA is a digital asset management solution used by newspapers, magazines news, wire services, and photo agencies.

By embedding K2D, Verity's OEM product for independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to add search and organization capabilities to business applications, IBM NICA aims to bring to print publications and news organizations a faster, more reliable and more accurate search and content classification mechanism. The IBM NICA solution with K2D will harness Verity Organization Developer's Kit (ODK) that allows taxonomies to be created, modified, and reused to optimize the organization of content and improve search results.

Further, NICA with K2D will feature Verity's Parametric Selection that provides an intuitive interface so users can sort and filter information by selecting pre-set parameters, and searching through filtered text fields and document content for specific content. The inclusion of Verity K2D brings to NICA support of many languages provided by Verity's Unilocale Locale feature. Verity's full text search delivers results ranked by relevance and in addition to its set of functions and features, Verity K2D can also be integrated with enterprise applications. ISVs can choose to deploy the product either as an add-on module or fully embed it into new or existing applications.