IBM Expands Software Portfolio

Jun 05, 2009

IBM announced the addition of new software and services to its Information Management capabilities. New offerings include the Optim Portfolio and new InfoSphere Foundation Tools. The Optim and Infosphere portfolios combine to allow organizations to manage the lifecycle of information. The new Optim Development Studio provides a common environment for Oracle Database users to drag and drop data between Oracle Database and DB2. Included is a new version of InfoSphere Information Analyzer, which examines information so companies can monitor the quality of their data. InfoSphere Business Glossary provides new ability to track and understand the evolution of a term. It can now be directly embedded in any application such as a business intelligence system or even Web 2.0 mashups. IBM is also announcing content packs which include terms and definitions for Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Financial and Healthcare. Another InfoSphere Foundation Tool, Metadata Workbench, supports compliance initiatives by providing a view of data lineage. It can be used with IBM and non-IBM software to understand where data came from and if it can be trusted. Other new offerings supporting IBM's Integrated Data Management approach include IBM Optim Query Tuner, Optim Test Data Management and InfoSphere Data Architect.