IBM Delivers New Data Transformation Software

Aug 19, 2005

IBM has announced a new version of software that allows companies to use one method for transforming and integrating complex data from virtually any source, across mainframe and distributed systems, regardless of the way information needs to be processed or delivered. This capability for integrating data on demand among different applications and services is designed to help organizations use all of their data to support strategic business initiatives, such as master data management, business intelligence, and regulatory compliance.

The introduction of IBM's WebSphere DataStage TX version 8.0 is designed to reduce the complexity of data transformation across various enterprise data types and complex business processes that rely on relevant data for business decisions. It enables data, applications, and messaging system content to be combined and delivered to any application, business process, or end user that needs it. This software is built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and allows the data integration environment to be deployed in an open architecture supporting ebusiness standards. WebSphere DataStage TX attempts to integrate business data (XML and non-XML) regardless of data volumes while ensuring the highest levels of data quality. The company said this is especially useful when industry standards require XML and non-XML to be combined to make a complete transaction. Using the WebSphere DataStage TX Design Studio, a business analyst or designer can build integration objects across applications, databases, and systems without generating or having to manage code. It also provides graphical features to guide users through every step in the process from initial data flow definition to solution deployment. WebSphere DataStage TX also has a drag-and-drop design interface. Other development features include a new integrated visual debugger and a page settings assistant for maps.IBM WebSphere DataStage TX version 8.0 and IBM WebSphere DataStage TX Industry Packs are currently available from IBM. WebSphere DataStage TX is part of the WebSphere Data Integration Suite to provide an architecture to cover all the integration needs of an enterprise.