IBM Delivers New Big Data Capabilities On IBM Cloud Marketplace

Jun 26, 2014

IBM announced a new Big Data service available on the IBM Cloud marketplace, where organizations can now easily secure, access, and manage content from anywhere and on any device. It's estimated that 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are created every day, and 80% of that data is comprised of unstructured content such as contracts, claims forms, and permit applications. The explosion of the volume of content, and new forms of it including Tweets and posts to social media, has increased the need to use any type of information from nearly any source.

Using this new service will allow knowledge workers to do their jobs more collaboratively by synchronizing and making the content they need available on any browser, desktop and mobile device they use everyday, and to apply it in the context of key business processes. IBM Navigator on Cloud, now available on the IBM Cloud marketplace and built on Softlayer's Cloud platform, will help all users within and outside of the business gain value from this ever-increasing deluge of content.