IBM Delivers Automated Security Management Software to Protect Databases

Jun 10, 2003


IBM is delivering new software designed to help enterprises automatically monitor and protect databases from security threats, malicious users, and other vulnerabilities that may compromise database performance or the integrity and availability of the information contained within them. IBM Tivoli Risk Manager now features support for IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle Database, and Microsoft SQL Server. IBM Tivoli Risk Manager is an autonomic, self-protecting, security event management software that correlates database security events with other events across an organization's network. This view of the network allows administrators to distinguish real security threats from false alarms and provides automated responses to proactively prevent from threats. With Tivoli Risk Manager, customers can take action to stop potential threats before they occur reducing, time associated with event trouble shooting and more importantly, preventing threats that can cause irreversible damage. The software delivers autonomic computing capabilities such as self-configuration and self-protection by assessing potential security threats and automating responses such as server reconfiguration, patch deployments, and account revocation. Tivoli Risk Manager works in tandem with IBM's other database management products. For example, IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Databases automatically alerts administrators when key performance and resource allocation problems are detected. Supporting more than 60 security and network products across the enterprise, Tivoli Risk Manager features interoperability with products from vendors such as: Apache Software Foundation, Cisco Systems, ClickNet Security Technologies, Enterasys Networks, Gilian Technologies, IBM, Network Associates, Red Hat, Secure Computing, Sun Microsystems, and more. IBM Tivoli Risk Manager 4.1 is available today.  Current customers may download the new support for IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server on IBM's Web site at no additional charge.