IBM Announces Software for Data Control

Nov 18, 2005


IBM has announced new software developed to help companies free data throughout their organization and turn it into consistent and trusted information. The new IBM middleware includes software tools and capabilities designed to accelerate the adoption of service-oriented architectures and to help customers remove the traditional barriers to information sharing.

IBM is introducing IBM WebSphere Customer Center Version 6, software designed to help organizations gain a single view of each of their customers, as well as what relationships they have with the business. This new release features increased performance, enhanced functionality, improved integration and streamlined implementation, and includes more than 480 pre-built services that can be consumed by other software to manage and access customer data. Also announced is an enhanced version of IBM WebSphere Product Center--middleware designed to help companies develop and manage a central, accurate, and comprehensive repository of product information.

IBM's new metadata services infrastructure is designed to allow metadata to be more easily managed, accessed by those who need it, and shared across heterogeneous technologies through a service-oriented architecture. IBM has announced the IBM WebSphere Metadata Server, which provides metadata management as a service to products within the IBM WebSphere Information Integration Platform. IBM WebSphere Product Center, IBM WebSphere Customer Center, and IBM Master Data Integration services offerings are now available. IBM WebSphere Metadata Server will be available in spring 2006.