IBM Announces New Release of DB2 Records Manager

Oct 05, 2004

IBM has announced new records management software that is designed to automate the management of business information across the enterprise. The new release of IBM DB2 Records Manager also delivers enhancements in performance, compliance, and automation, and helps organizations who need to comply with growing numbers of recordkeeping regulations and mandates. The software includes new performance capabilities in speed, automation, security, disposition, auditing, and reporting. IBM is now delivering security capabilities for security-sensitive records, high-performance capabilities for handling high-volumes of transactions, simplified integration into existing business solutions, additional standards compliance, and support for Oracle and SQL Server.

With this release, IBM is adding automated recordkeeping capability to core content management software products: IBM DB2 Content Manager, IBM DB2 Document Manager, and IBM DB2 CommonStore for Email management. Content managed within these three solutions can now be automatically Declared (designated as a managed corporate record), and Classified (appropriate retention rule is applied to the document) in any of a number of ways to suit specific business circumstances, automatically, and without user intervention.

The software has been certified compliant with US DoD 5015.2 Chapter 4 security requirements for classified records. It is compliant with similar requirements of the UK National Archives 2002 standard for security-sensitive classified documents. IBM is currently participating in the UK National Archives certification program for the UK electronic recordkeeping standard, whereby software vendors are certified compliant against the UK standard, and plans to have its software solution tested against the requirements.