IBM Announces E-mail Security Management Services

Jun 29, 2004

IBM has announced E-mail Security Management Services, a new managed security service designed to help companies reduce the risks inherent with email communications. Founded on technology and intelligence from MessageLabs Inc., an email security provider, the solution is delivered over a global infrastructure. IBM's E-mail Security Management Services is designed to act as a company's first line of defense by scanning email and helping to reduce threats such as viruses, spam, and other unwanted content before they infiltrate an organization.

IBM's E-mail Security Management Services scans and monitors inbound and outbound email outside the customer network to help prevent uncontrolled distribution of harmful and unwanted content. Services include: E-mail Anti-virus--Uses multiple scanners and predictive technology to help detect and stop viruses, known and potentially unknown. E-mail Image filtering--Uses composition image analysis to help identify and stop unwanted images from entering and leaving an organization. E-mail Anti-spam--Identification, quarantine, and reduction of spam email, which helps to free up needed resources, alleviate bandwidth issues, and reduce the demands made upon a company's storage space. Worldwide service delivery supported by IBM's email security helpdesk.