IBM Announces DB2 Content Management Express Offerings

Jun 22, 2004

IBM has announced its IBM DB2 Content Management Express offerings, created for mid-sized content and document management. DB2 Content Manager Express software is designed to help medium-sized organizations implement a holistic digital content management infrastructure. The DB2 Content Manager Express gives customers streamlined access to digital resources, such as scanned images, documents, and other files. The IBMR Content Manager portfolio, based on DB2, provides the enterprise content management infrastructure to store, access, and manage the digital information generated by ebusiness.

In addition to signing new partners, DB2 Content Manager Express is also rolling out new features and functionality as the Express Line of offerings approaches its one-year anniversary. Context Media is the latest ISV to support DB2 Content Manager Express in order to provide a unified view of structured and unstructured content from multiple content repositories.

DB2 Content Manager Express for Linux is now in beta. By delivering Content Management software on Linux, IBM plans to help mid-size businesses adopt a less costly and secure IT solution. DB2 Content Manager Express is currently available on Windows, will be available on Linux by year-end, and available shortly on OS/400, iSeries.