IAS ePodcast Producer Adds Tool; Improves Interface

Jun 09, 2006

Industrial Audio Software has announced that its ePodcast Producer has combined VoIP with podcasting. The VoIP Recorder allows users to record both sides of any Skype conversation. This will allow users to interview distant personalities by clicking the mouse and recording, then saving a file. Once recorded, Skype conversations can be edited within ePodcast Producer for inclusion in podcasts.

In addition, this latest version of ePodcast Producer has a new interface. Music and voice tracks now have their own separate trim sliders for more accurate mixing control. Industrial Audio Software has redesigned ePodcast Producer to allow for insertion of any audio file, including those made using portable digital recorders. It also features ePodcast Express for streamlining the entire uploading process, including the creation of RSS feeds, and complete, in-program tagging for iTunes Podcast Directory.

(www.singingelectrons.com; www.industrialaudiosoftware.com)