IAS Launches Mobile In-App Solution to Protect Brands in Programmatic Environments

Mar 20, 2018


Integral Ad Science (IAS), the measurement and analytics company, announced the availability of first-to-market technology that allows programmatic buyers to target mobile in-app inventory that is brand safe, fraud-free, and expected to meet a given viewability goal. Through key integrations with top programmatic platforms, IAS is increasing transparency to a channel that has become increasingly attractive to advertisers.

Eight in 10 US mobile digital display ads are traded programmatically, an amount that will rise to 85.2% by 2019 [eMarketer]. However, the advantages of programmatic can only be fully realized when traders are armed with the ability to protect brands in digital environments and optimize towards quality inventory – brand safe, fraud-free, and viewable. The ability to target environments that are not only aligned with their brand values, but also provide opportunities to be viewable to real consumers, is critical to fulfilling final business goals.

IAS’s mobile in-app pre-bid segments have solved for that for the first time. Their technology allows traders to define the content categories they need to be protected against based on customized risk thresholds, and then only target the apps that meet those brand safety expectations. Additionally, with ad fraud prevention and viewability targeting, traders can ensure bids are not wasted on fraud, and find the apps that will meet or exceed their viewability goals. The Trade Desk, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Oath, Viant’s Adelphic, AppNexus, and MediaMath will integrate IAS’s targeting data to provide targeting that generates immediate impact and maximizes the ability to reach and engage in-app audiences. Additionally, the proof comes at added value - IAS provides real-time reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness and also identify areas of additional optimization.