Hyperoffice Adds New Features

Feb 07, 2006

HyperOffice has announced upgrades to its software which is designed to help employees at small businesses work together as a team, plan projects, share and edit documents, schedule meetings, and stay connected via email.

The company added new features and services to HyperOffice, Web-based software that delivers to small businesses business-class email protected from spam and viruses; document management with online storage, versioning, user rights and workflow; contact management, scheduling, project management, discussion groups, security, backup, and more. The new features and services include:

Portal Customization was added to allow business owners and managers to decide which features, applications and services to give an individual employee, group of employees, a department, the whole company, and even to partners, suppliers, vendors and customers. These "intranets" and "extranets" display relevant information on easy-to-navigate screens, with links to attached documents, tasks, to-do lists and contacts. Users select relevant features to add, and HyperOffice generates the screens. Users may build as many intranet and extranet portals as needed.

IMAP support because, which in addition to allowing customers browser-based email assecss, now lets HyperOffice users send and receive email using any email client (Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) that supports IMAP, an open standard.

Interlinking lets users connect all related information by project or task, contact, email, document, meeting or calendar. Users determine which data is to be linked, then HyperOffice continually updates the related data. For example, a user may link all related emails, events and documents to a particular contact, creating interlinks that users may track, audit and refer to, as needed.

HyperOffice now allows users to drag, drop, open, edit, and save files and folders into HyperDrives hosted at the HyperOffice server that operate like any hard drive spinning inside a desktop or notebook computer, or virtual drive mounted at a networked computer. Files and folders stored in a HyperDrive are always accessible from any browser, are backed up, secure, and protected against viruses and Trojans.