Hyland Software Releases OnBase 5.0

Dec 26, 2005


Hyland Software, Inc. has announced the public release of OnBase 5.0, the latest version of the company's flagship Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software suite. OnBase 5.0 features new collaboration and email archiving functionality, enhancements to its core electronic document management capabilities, as well as vertical applications tailored for healthcare providers and financial services institutions.

OnBase 5.0 now provides collaborative workspaces that employees can create to collectively work on documents, including handling exceptions issues in a given workflow process. These collaborative interactions can be stored as part of an audit trail of decision making to support compliance strategies. The addition of the OnBase E-mail Archive, which works in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Journaling functionality to capture and store all inbound and outbound emails, complements OnBase's existing records management capabilities. The OnBase EDM Services module now features the EDMS Briefcase. The EDMS Briefcase gives end users the ability to make changes to Microsoft Office files outside of the OnBase environment and synchronize any changes with stored versions of the files. OnBase 5.0 also features CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Services for viewing and managing compound CAD files within OnBase. In addition, OnBase 5.0 features the OnBase Medical Records Management Solution, which enables healthcare providers to electronically manage the signing, approving, and processing of patient charts. Using the Medical Records Management Solution, providers can automate the majority of the tasks associated with the process and make it possible to execute them in parallel.

The OnBase Check 21 solution enables financial institutions to import and export cash letters accompanied by images of checks stored in OnBase, as well as provide the ability to print Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) or substitute checks. Check 21 solutions allow a financial institution to eliminate courier and check clearing fees related to transferring paper checks. Other features available with OnBase 5.0 include: the OnBase Application Enabler module, which integrates OnBase with third-party applications without the need to code through an API (application programming interface), now supports integration with Java-based applications; Native, certificate-based digital signatures; and OnBase StatusView enables Web client users to configure their user interface to display, in a portal-like view, all the workflow queues, pre-defined queries and OnBase business objects they need to manage their job tasks.