HwaCom Systems To Integrate iVAST'S MPEG-4 Products With Taiwan Service Operators

Nov 26, 2002

iVAST, a provider of MPEG-4 solutions, and HwaCom Systems Inc., a systems integrator in Taiwan, have announced that HwaCom will provide sales and support of iVAST's advanced MPEG-4 Platform in Taiwan. Integrating the iVAST MPEG-4 software, HwaCom will enable telco's network operators, ISPs broadband service providers, and cable operators to deliver MPEG-4-based interactive media on-demand services including movies, karaoke, television, and gaming running over their broadband cable, DSL, and satellite broadband infrastructure. The iVAST MPEG-4 solution will expand upon HwaCom's current MPEG-2 infrastructure, offering advanced compression and interactive capabilities. The iVAST MPEG-4 Platform is a suite of content production, distribution, and playback tools using advanced compression technology and interactive media delivery. iVAST software is highly scalable and enables cost-effective integration and deployment with existing content delivery and legacy systems. HwaCom's customer base includes network service operators in the cable, DSL, and satellite broadband markets.

(http://www.hwacom.com), (http://www.ivast.com)