HunterStone Launches Thesis 3.0

Apr 07, 2006

HunterStone, Inc., a provider of eLearning and IT tools for Microsoft environments, has launched the THESIS 3.0 plug-in to Microsoft Office 2003. Using the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 content authoring standards, THESIS 3.0 converts Microsoft Office and Web documents into standards-based objects available and re-useable by any SCORM conformant learning management system.

When creating or editing elearning material, subject experts have flexibility of question randomization and feedback, question rendering, and linear or navigable presentation. Test results are immediately accessible to students following the exam. HunterStone's THESIS 3.0 line integrates with THESIS Librarian, a Microsoft SharePoint Web-enabled collaborative repository of eLearning objects for content storage, accessibility, and reusability. The combination provides an authoring and collaborative learning environment.

HunterStone's THESIS 3.0 is available worldwide as individual modules or as an entire suite. Pricing for THESIS is as follows: THESIS Standard suite retails for $399; THESIS Professional with PurePage suite retails for $499. Individually, THESIS for Microsoft Word is $99; THESIS for Microsoft PowerPoint costs $199; THESIS Learning Object Manager is $299, and THESIS Librarian retails for $1,500.