HunterStone Introduces THESIS Librarian; Expands Worldwide Presence

Mar 30, 2004

HunterStone, Inc., a provider of elearning and IT tools for Microsoft environments, has introduced THESIS Librarian, an elearning application that is designed to store and manage SCORM conformant learning content. The company has also entered into five agreements with worldwide resellers to distribute THESIS, the company's elearning product line. THESIS Librarian is a Web-enabled centralized repository of elearning objects providing storage, accessibility, and reusability of content.

Through five reseller agreements, HunterStone will now be working in the United States with Sales Resource Partners; in the United Kingdom and Ireland with Intellego Systems; in Spain with Glass Multimedia; in Germany with Media Freilingen GmbH, and in the Netherlands with The Courseware Company.

The THESIS product line is sold on a per seat basis and is currently available worldwide as four product packages or as individual modules. These product packages are THESIS Lite: THESIS for Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; THESIS Learning Object Manager; THESIS Pro: THESIS Librarian, THESIS for Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, THESIS Learning Object Manager, THESIS for Microsoft Office Visio, and THESIS for FrontPage; and THESIS Librarian.