Hummingbird Unveils Enterprise 2004 CMS; Enterprise 2004 Legal

Feb 24, 2004

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced Hummingbird Enterprise 2004, the next release of Hummingbird's enterprise content management (ECM) solution as well as Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal. Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 is designed to enable customers to create, manage, deliver, and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents to email, instant messages, Web pages, records, and media.

Enhancements to Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 include: New Workflow Engine--Users can define, apply, and reuse business logic across all components of Hummingbird Enterprise with graphical drag-and-drop functionality. Extended Functionality to Mobile Users--Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 offers access to enterprise content from a variety of mobile devices. Enhanced Web Top Client--Serves as a thin client interface, delivering advanced portal capabilities, such as single sign on, dynamic views, application integration, and support of the JSR 168 standard. Performance and Scalability Improvements--Including a new distributed content caching module, Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 provides both centralized and distributed deployment capabilities. Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 is expected for general availability March 1, 2004.

Hummingbird has also announced Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal. The new, vertically-focused content management solution is designed to enable law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services organizations to secure, manage, and analyze client information, make decisions faster, and communicate to clients with greater speed and accuracy. Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal addresses the challenges facing legal organizations--timely corporate disclosures, financial reporting, executive certifications, supporting audit due diligence, and complaints handling.

Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal offers additional functionality to support the move toward data center consolidation and centralization of the firm's IT resources. The platform is enhanced to reduce network traffic and provide optimal LAN and WAN performance while the Distributed Content Cache server is designed to support faster access to content from remote locations. The pre-packaged tools using Hummingbird ETL streamline the process of migrating from and consolidating distributed content libraries into centralized repositories.

A new automated, rules-based email categorization engine is integrated with Microsoft Exchange. It installs on existing Microsoft Exchange Servers, thereby minimizing incremental IT investments. The new enhanced Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal Web-top combines Hummingbird Enterprise DM, Collaboration, BI/Query, Collaboration and Enterprise Workflow with Hummingbird Portal, providing an extensible platform for the development of matter and practice centric- solutions. Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 for Legal also provides the foundation for increased integration of additional practice management applications such as Matter Intake, Conflicts, Critical Dates, and Records Management.