Hummingbird Partners with Perfectus Solutions; Launches New Products

Nov 18, 2005

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and network connectivity solutions, has announced it is partnering with Perfectus Solutions--a specialist supplier of automated document composition and process management software. The Hummingbird Enterprise Contract Management solution integrates with Perfectus Solutions' multilingual document creation product based on a reusable template-driven approach to construct complex transactions and agreements. The template creation process is fully integrated with and is managed within the Hummingbird Enterprise content repository. This enables enterprises to automate repetitive tasks associated with contract creation, reduces errors, and streamlines approval processes.

Also, Hummingbird has unveiled Hummingbird Enterprise Client for BlackBerry, a new client that provides integration to Hummingbird Enterprise from the BlackBerry email application. Using one-click menu functions on the BlackBerry wireless handheld device, users will be able to automatically profile and check-in email messages and attachments directly into the appropriate Hummingbird Enterprise folder. Hummingbird customers will be able to work anytime, anywhere with the mobile capabilities of the BlackBerry wireless device and dynamically interface with Hummingbird Enterprise to store and manage content remotely.

Hummingbird has also announced the official launch of Hummingbird Enterprise 2005. Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 focuses on three key customer requirements: usability, integration and performance. Hummingbird's Business Solutions Framework minimizes deployment complexities and reduces total cost of ownership by ensuring that content enabling processes can be accessed from the client applications users most commonly deploy in their daily work habits. The Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook provides a fully interactive, business-based view of the entire suite of Hummingbird Enterprise functionality from within Microsoft Outlook. It allows knowledge workers to work the way they want to work, by exposing the corporate information through fully customizable views. Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 delivers integration between all the phases of managing content lifecycle. At its core is Hummingbird Enterprise Workflow that links content lifecycle processes by automating critical business tasks and simplifying repetitive activities associated with content creation, profiling and records retention, and disposition practices. In combination with the business centric views, users can focus on the business processes relating to the management of content rather than the technology. 

Content Drive is a technology designed to improve the way desktop applications interact with the Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 content repository. It leverages Hummingbird's network connectivity to control how an application talks to a repository. Content Drive introduces an approach where all file operations to the content repository are handled natively at the Microsoft operating system kernel level, eliminating the need to write and maintain specific code to transfer documents.