Hummingbird Offers Rules-based Email Management Solution; Content Cache Solution for Hummingbird Enterprise

Aug 22, 2003


Hummingbird Ltd., a developer of enterprise information management systems (EIMS), has announced Automated Email Management, a server-based solution that is designed to automate profiling of incoming and outgoing email messages for retention and regulatory compliance. Hummingbird Enterprise already supports for profiling and managing email via its document management (DM) client that exposes the Hummingbird DM interface from within Microsoft Outlook, and provides the ability to index and search both Microsoft Exchange public folders and Lotus Notes repositories.

The new Automated Email Management solution expands on these capabilities by adding automated, server-side email profiling capabilities to Hummingbird Enterprise. Features of the Automated Email Management solution include: Rules-based--Administrators can define rules using a graphical wizard interface similar to the Outlook Rules Wizard.  

Regular Expressions--The solution provides the ability to define regular expressions to match patterns such as client/matter number or project ID, allowing for proper categorization of email content to the appropriate document management folder(s). Through the use of regular expressions, a single rule can apply to multiple email messages destined for multiple folders. Automatic Profiling--The Automated Email Management solution captures the header information of the email message and automatically profiles the metadata such as To, From, Subject, and Date into Hummingbird DM. Maintains Threads and Attachment Relationships--Hummingbird DM automatically maintains email thread information and relates the email message to its attachments. The emails can be stored in original MSG format for regulatory purposes, while the attachments can be extracted and checked in as related documents so the contents can be full-text indexed. Integrated with Microsoft Exchange--The Automated Email Management solution is an extension to Microsoft Exchange. The server component deploys on the existing Microsoft Exchange servers and does not require any additional hardware.

The Automated E-mail Management solution is expected to be generally available in September 2003.

Hummingbird has also announced Hummingbird DM Server Content Cache, a solution designed to address the requirement to have faster access to remote content while conserving wide area network (WAN) bandwidth.

Hummingbird DM Server Content Cache is a direct response to this market need.  Specifically, the solution is designed to provide the following capabilities: automatic caching of remote content; automatic synchronization of content; reduced bandwidth requirements; and no additional hardware investment. Hummingbird's Content Cache solution provides an infrastructure that is suitable for consolidating document collections into one or more central repositories in an effort to enhance the user experience for Hummingbird Enterprise. The Hummingbird DM Server Content Cache is expected to be generally available in September 2003.