Hummingbird Enhances CM Solution for Legal Professionals

Aug 31, 2004

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced it is extending Hummingbird Enterprise with several new customer-driven functionality and productivity enhancements for the legal industry. Hummingbird now offers advanced information retrieval and knowledge discovery capabilities from within Microsoft Outlook; enhanced BlackBerry support for interactive access to knowledge assets; new optimizations for centralized deployments; and efiling capabilities.

Hummingbird now provides fee earners and support staff with advanced knowledge discovery capabilities from within Outlook. With Hummingbird Enterprise, legal teams now have access to their enterprise taxonomy, and can perform federated searches across multiple content sources, including non-Hummingbird repositories such as file systems, ODBC data sources, Microsoft Exchange repositories and Web sites, directly from within the Microsoft Outlook client. The most relevant information will be displayed in an amalgamated result set and users can drag and drop any information from the KM result set directly into their DM libraries. Result List Clustering dynamically categorizes large result sets into "clusters" so related information is found together.

Hummingbird Enterprise Mobility is an out-of-the-box solution that leverages the BlackBerry wireless platform in an effort to enable mobile users to interact with work product and other content and systems, including Hummingbird Enterprise. Mobile legal professionals can search, read, retrieve, and review information, update and assign tasks, monitor projects, generate, distribute, and file content, and participate in workflows while away from the office, or at a client site. The Hummingbird Mobility wireless solution is designed to meet law firm's requirements for privacy, confidentiality, and corporate compliance regulations and provides full auditing of how and when content and systems are accessed and distributed.

Hummingbird Enterprise now provides enhanced functionalities to support centralized deployments. Further enhancements have resulted in optimizations for the DM platform to better perform in large global deployments. Hummingbird Enterprise includes WAN optimization for up to five times faster performance for common tasks over a slow WAN connection as well as more sophisticated caching functionality to better serve remote office locations in a multi-office deployment scenario.

With Hummingbird Enterprise for Legal, support staff can upload documents for efiling directly from the firm's document management library, thereby eliminating the need to manually retrieve and locally store the document prior to efiling.