Hummingbird Announces the Release of Connectivity 2006

Aug 12, 2005

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and network connectivity solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Hummingbird Connectivity 2006. Hummingbird Connectivity 2006 provides a single, consolidated solution that allows organizations to securely integrate heterogeneous legacy infrastructures, such as UNIX or Mainframe, with Windows desktops, designed to enable customers to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements. The Hummingbird Connectivity 2006 suite supports Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition. In addition, all products in the suite support Windows Terminal Server Edition and Citrix Presentation Server.

Hummingbird offers x64 support for its entire suite of connectivity software comprised of PC X Server, Terminal Emulation, and PC-based Network File System (NFS) software. Hummingbird offers support for the latest X Window release by the X.Org Foundation, the consortium empowered with the stewardship and collaborative development of the X Window System technology and standards. The NFS Maestro product family provides enterprise-oriented features designed to promote tight, yet transparent, integration with operating systems and other enterprise infrastructures. Multiple Profile Space, a new feature of HostExplorer 2006, allows organizations to manage multiple locations from which profiles and connection settings are stored. Storage locations include local drives, remote file systems, or LDAP directories. User access rights are enforced through an integration with Microsoft Windows ACLs, or LDAP ACLs. Hummingbird Security 2006, comprised of Connectivity Secure Shell, Connectivity SecureTerm, Connectivity Kerberos Connectivity SSL, and Hummingbird SOCKS Client, features a security set across all of its product families and components in order to help organizations meet their security and compliance objectives. Hummingbird Connectivity 2006 is available immediately.