Huddle Announces Collaboration App for LinkedIn

Oct 31, 2008

BEST PRACTICES SERIES has announced a team collaboration and project management application for the LinkedIn business social network. For LinkedIn’s platform launch, developed a bespoke Huddle application, Huddle Workspaces, which includes all the key functionality of its unified collaboration service. Huddle Workspaces offers private online workspaces for secure team collaboration, document sharing, and discussions within the LinkedIn network. Users receive 1GB of free storage and can collaborate with unlimited connections. Users can post comments on files, request approvals, and send notifications. Documents can be also locked and checked out of the system for offline editing. Users log into LinkedIn and can set up workspaces for use with their LinkedIn connections. All activity in a workspace is recorded and can be delivered via an RSS feed. By linking their accounts, LinkedIn users can connect with people and share content in the wider Huddle network and other networks where Huddle is available, i.e. Facebook. They also gain access to additional features including: tasks, whiteboards, audit trails, version control, multi-lingual interface and soon, desktop sharing and web conferencing.