Hot Banana’s Multilingual WCM Expands Into International Markets

Dec 27, 2005


Hot Banana Software, a provider of Web Content Management (WCM) and Active Marketing solutions, has announced that the multilingual functionality of its Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite includes three new International Channel Partner agreements. The latest Hot Banana Channel Partners are: Neshami Company of Kuwait; Zmart of Delft, Holland; and Information Providers of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Hot Banana is fully Unicode compliant to enable its Web Content Management Suite to store, retrieve, and deliver multiple languages through a single Web site, and can support content in any language including multi-byte languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, and all the Eastern European languages. To-date Hot Banana powered Web sites have been translated into: English; Arabic; Chinese; French; Spanish; Dutch; Italian; German; Italian; Estonian; Polish; Portuguese; Vietnamese; and Farsi.

Hot Banana can maintain several different translations of the same Web pages, making Multilingual Web sites, Intranets, Extranets, and Micro Marketing sites easier to create and more affordable. The Hot Banana WCM public-facing Web site, front-end supports all languages and character sets and the Hot Banana software administration console functions are currently available in English, French, and Chinese. Hot Banana includes translation workflow processes allowing changes to content to trigger appropriate notifications to the assigned translators of the other language versions of that page. Hot Banana Multilingual Capabilities Include: a Multilingual Site Manager for the creation of mirrored Multilingual Web sites with translation handled via a workflow process; hands-on management of all aspects of Multilingual Web site features including search engine optimization; language-specific metadata; content; internal search, and navigation elements; content localization for global Web sites; a toggle between different languages on a page-by-page basis; right-to-left, left-to-right content flowing; a WYSIWYG editor; and translation workflow (user-defined).