Hooklogic Sees Mobile Peak At 71% of Ecommerce Traffic On Thanksgiving Across Top Retailer Sites

Dec 01, 2015

More shoppers flocked to major retail sites on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2015 than ever before, according to HookLogic--a provider of performance marketing for brands, which says it sees over 43 billion ecommerce searches a year. HookLogic, whose platform includes a network of retailer sites like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Macy's, reports that Thanksgiving ecommerce traffic and conversions were up 2.7x and 4.2x, and Black Friday traffic and conversions were 4.5x and 6.2x respectively compared to the October daily average.

HookLogic saw the new ‘Mobile Moment'-the biggest share in mobile ecommerce traffic at 7 a.m. EST on Thanksgiving, coming in at 71% (vs. desktop at 29%), indicating many consumers were likely shopping from their beds when they woke up. Mobile traffic stayed high throughout Thanksgiving Day, as shoppers had their phones at hand. On Black Friday, mobile shopping hit an average of 60%, indicating there may have been both online and in-store activity.

From an hourly shopping perspective, conversions were the highest (9.8x the daily average) at 12 p.m. EST on Black Friday. Traffic spiked one hour prior at 6.9x the average, indicating massive browsing and researching that quickly converted to the buy button. The UK saw the rise of the Midnight Shopper, who drove ecommerce traffic an astounding 330x greater than a typical 1 a.m. hour. UK retailers have succeeded in driving new shopping behavior on Black Friday.