HookLogic Expands Native Mobile Reach for Ecommerce

Mar 30, 2016

HookLogic, a provider of performance marketing for brands, announced the expansion of its native ad units on the mobile sites and apps of major ecommerce players including Macy's, Target, Peapod, Sears, Staples, Walmart, Toys 'R Us, among others. The company says its extensive network and seamless, multi-device friendly ad format make HookLogic's role in the future of mobile advertising even more critical for brand advertisers.

HookLogic's platform uses real-time shopper data to serve product ads that are relevant to each shopper's unique journey, and click directly into the retailers' site. This, HookLogic says, ensures a seamless shopping experience while increasing product page traffic and sales for the brands advertising. The mobile ads are displayed within the scroll and are available in-app, and often are the only advertisements visible on the mobile portals of top retailers. Units typically take up 20-40% of the screen when in view.

This holiday season, HookLogic's network saw the new "Mobile Moment"-the biggest share in mobile ecommerce traffic at 7am EST on Thanksgiving, coming in at 71% (vs. desktop at 29%). On average, mobile currently accounts for approximately 50% of ecommerce traffic across the HookLogic retail network and given current pacing and high shopper adoption, mobile is expected to be a larger percentage of HookLogic's addressable media over the next year.