HookLogic Announces Major Expansion of Ecommerce Ad Exchange

Jun 09, 2016

HookLogic, the company that built an ad exchange for product brands to buy sponsored listings on retail ecommerce sites, announced its wider ambitions with the launch of HookLogic Drive to Retail. The new HookLogic Drive to Retail program promises to vastly expand the HookLogic Exchange by now enabling brands to buy media across the internet, no longer confined to media on retail sites. The company also unveiled two technologies that make the program possible, HookLogic Fusion and HookLogic 360.

HookLogic Drive to Retail says it delivers true performance marketing for brands and new high intent traffic for multi-brand retailers. The program leverages first-party data of many of the world's largest retailers to target in-market shoppers and measure closed loop results. Media buying is powered by HookLogic Fusion, a  technology that makes programmatic co-marketing possible. Brands bidding on Drive to Retail are matched in real-time with retailers that sell their products to share in the cost of media buys. Brands only pay when consumers click on their products, with traffic leading to the product page on the corresponding retailer's website or mobile app. By aligning shared benefits, the technology incentivizes brands and retailers to subsidize one another in achieving individual performance goals, making media buys more efficient.  

Performance is measured by HookLogic 360, an attribution engine for consumer products. The technology leverages deep integrations across the retail ecosystem to measure SKU-level sales attribution within and across retailers, across devices, at brands' online stores, and increasingly, online to offline. Essentially, a consumer's online interaction with a brand's products across the internet can now be directly connected to SKU-level sales in most places where purchases happen.